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The Survey

Hi, new member here.  But not new to the books.  I think I picked them up when I was in 7th, maybe even 6th grade.  So that would be around, good God, 6 or 7 years ago.  Fuck, I'm old.  D:  Well, I saw that you all were doing a survey and those are always fun, so here's mine.

Nickname: Liz
Age: 18
Birthdate: April 23rd, 1990
Height: 5'2".
Likes:  Sleeping.  The internet.  Video games.  Cigarettes.  Spanish.  Reading. 
Dislikes:  My job.  Doing the dishes.  Stupid people.  People who think they are ~*~speshul snowflakes~*~ (read: stupid people).  Idealism.
Strong Points:  I'm never lonely.  I'm pretty smart.  I'm good with words.
Weak Points:  I'm lazy, a procrastinator.  I've got a pretty short fuse.
Pet Peeves: Uh, when people chew really loud.  Or when they say "ATM machine" ATM STANDS FOR 'AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE'!  Goddamn!  Oh, and when people don't put their carts away and when they SHOVE THINGS INTO MY ENDCAP. >:[ Makes me feel downright murderous. I'm a cashier, btw.
Hobbies: Movies, dicking about on the net, reading, drawing
Talents:  I'm good with language.
Favorite Colour(s): Dark blue, like the night sky.
Favorite Food: Japanese and Spanish
Favorite Sport: I don't like sports.
Mature or Immature?:  Hard to say.  I 'd like to think mature.  But I can be silly, too.  It really depends on the situation.
Leader or Follower?:  Fuck that shit.  Neither.  I have no desire to follow or lead.  I'll just be over here doing my own thing, you stand over there and do your thing.  Then everyone is happy.

Favorite Eddings Character(s) [Any reason why?]:
Silk is awesome, I think he's really funny.  Polgara and Belgarath are awesome.  Expecially Belgarath, he's all rogueish and funny and cool.  I like 'em all, but I guess those three are my favorites.

Anything else?:  I dunno.  The survey didn't have any questions about one's belief system, and that's rather important, isn't it?  So I'll just say it here.  I do not believe in good or evil.   Things simply are.  Books like the Belgariad and the Mallorean are entertaining, with their cut-and-dry good-vs-evil way of looking at things, and I genuinely enjoy them, however.

Huh.  Reading over this I can't think of any character I match up with.  : /  I guess that's up to you guys.  Oh, and I'd prefer a character from the Belgariad or Mallorean.  I haven't read any of Eddings' other works.

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