Anna (justanotherfic) wrote in dweiaschildren,

Looking for fic!

Hi there!

I'm not sure if anyone checks this community anymore, but it's the only place that i know of that could possible help me in my search. I'm looking for a fic where Durnik is resurrected (or possible doesn't even die), but isn't made into a sorcerer. I think he was given a title of some sort in Sendaria and lives in some moderately fancy place. In the story he's on his deathbed and Polgara, who's madly in love with him, but has chosen to stay away because of his mortality, is called to his house. She visits and angst ensues.

I thought I would find this fic on, but if it was ever there it must have been deleted. Does anyone remember reading this and have a suggestion where I might find it? I'd be forver grateful!
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