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Two points: one, me is looking for a beta who can cope with my obsessiveness towards anything and everything, but mostly Minor Pairings. Duties would include: checking to see if things fit properly with minor canon details, restraining possible excessive amounts of cliche sugary fluff, and figuring out the "logistics" of said Minor Relationships. I pride myself on actually using proper spelling/grammar (THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ITS AND IT'S IS SIMPLE, PEOPLE! WHY CAN'T YOU GET IT?) so that wouldn't be part of it. This person would also have to cope with my declarations that I'm going to write fanfic but never actually ending up writing any.

Of course, the entire community would probably work but I'd still prefer one person to bounce stuff off first before giving it to a bigger audience.

And, second point: Vella/Beldin. At the end of Seeress of Kell, it says that Yarblek and Vella rode up to the Vale, sold Vella for a huge diamond that Vella gave to Yarblek. Beldin received the sale papers and Vella's daggers, both of which he got rid of. Then, they went off onto a hill, talked for a bit, kissed, turned into hawks, and flew away "in a formal wedding dance" or something like that, "never to return".

A couple points that I don't really get in there:
  • When did Vella and Beldin get so attached to each other to the point where Beldin is willing to pay "everything he owns" for her and Vella is willing to give up her daggers? The little time they get in the books isn't really enough... friendship, but not romantic attachment as such. Unless, of course, there was stuff that we don't see... which is probably how it worked... Any ideas for that sort of thing?

  • How did they turn into hawks? Beldin, obviously, is easy-his "preferred" form is a hawk. But what about Vella? How did she turn into a hawk? Did Beldin turn her into a hawk or did she suddenly turn out to have the ability?

  • How did Vella fly? I'm pretty sure that Garion and Polgara weren't able to just launch off and start flying... but yet Vella seems to be able to just poof off and fly away.
  • Never return-so did they spend the rest of their lives as birds? I don't know if Vella would... even though she was all happy about the fact that Beldin could fly.

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