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An active Eddings community, yay

Hiya. I'm new, and very happy to be here! I have a terrible crush on Sparhawk and have for years. I recently reread the books and it reawakened my love of the character -- he's one of my top three literary crushes of all time -- and I've been sort of on the hunt for other people who can understand what I'm talking about. Thus far, the best I've managed is to convince another friend that she really does want to read the Elenium.

I have a confession to make...I've only read the Elenium. But my best friend loves all things Eddings and keeps me informed about the books I've not yet had the chance to read (she identifies Polgara as possibly the single best female character ever written). So even though I've only read those three books, I know bits and pieces about the others.

I made the icon earlier this week; it's shareable with credit. And that brings me to a topic of discussion, because I also made another Sparhawk icon. If they made live-action films of any of the Eddings books, who would you cast in the roles?

I sort of see Kenneth Branagh as being a very enjoyable Kalten, myself. Kurik always puts me in mind of Jeremy Irons, and I think I like Stuart Townsend for Bevier. Sephrenia has always been a sticking place for me, though, because although I can see her very clearly, she doesn't look like anyone I can remember having seen. Same with Ehlana and Flute. Logan Lerman appeals to me for Talen.

As for Sparhawk, I blame my friend who's going to read the books for this, and I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me on it. But my friend plays a character named Jack in a role-playing game online; Jack is involved with my character Liz, and the more we play them the more I see Jack as Sparhawk, as the personalities are extremely similar. She's even inadvertently quoted the books on a couple occasions, to the point where it unnerved me when she said she'd never heard of them! Since she uses Joe Flanigan as Jack's basis, that's what Sparhawk now looks like in my head. He's a little young for the part, and his nose isn't broken, but otherwise I think he fits. I did a manip to put him into some knightly armor, just to test the theory; your thoughts? Anyway, I'd love to know who you guys cast in the different roles too.

I look forward to participating in this community and learning more about the Eddingsverses.
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